What is $PIECE

$PIECE token is an Ethereum DeFi project which means it can only be purchased on DEX platforms, the most popular being Uniswap.

DeFi = DeFi is short for decentralized finance, an umbrella term for peer-to-peer financial services on public blockchains.

DEX = Decentralized Exchange, or DeFi Exchange

The currency used to purchase $PIECE will be Ethereum (ETH). To purchase and hold the tokens, you will need to get ETH into a DeFi wallet, the most popular being Metamask.

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  1. Install the MetaMask app on your phone, and follow the directions to create a new wallet. 

MetaMask for iOS

MetaMask Google Play

MetaMask Desktop

2. Once you’ve installed the app. Open the app.

3. When the app opens for the first time you will see the option to Import Wallet, or Create a Wallet. If this is your first wallet you will hit Create New Wallet. Otherwise, follow the steps to import a compatible wallet.

4. Next, you can choose to share anonymous data with MetaMask. It’s ok to click NO

5. Create a password for your MetaMask Wallet. ClickCreate

6. Watch the short video that explains why your “Secret Recovery Phrase” is so important. Then click Next

7. Here’s where you save the secret recovery phrase. You can uncover the secret phrase and download it as a text file. WRITE DOWN THE SEED PHRASE ON PAPER AND ALWAYS STORE IN A SAFE PLACE. * The seed phrase is your password to your wallet, if you lose it and something happens to your phone or app, the wallet cannot be recovered.  Then click Next to proceed.

8. Confirm your secret recovery phase. Select each word in the exact same order. Once you have entered every word in the correct order click “Confirm”

9. That’s it. You now have a MetaMask Wallet. Congratulations. Click “ALL DONE”

  1. Click the “Buy” button on your MetaMask wallet’s home page. 

2. Select the state/region you are currently in and press “Continue”

3. Select your Payment Option

Debit Credit Card (5-10 mins | lowest limit)

Apple Pay (Instant | lowest limit)

Bank Account (1-5 Business Days | highest limit)

4. Enter the amount of $ETH you want to buy and click “Get quotes”

5. Here you will be presented with a few different quotes. Each quote can have different fees that they charge. The top option is generally the best deal. Choose an option. If you’re using Apple Pay, use WYRE. Click “Buy with….” or Enter payment details for Credit/Debit payments

6. Check the box to authorize using your payment option

7.. Click “Next”

*Once you have the ETH, you’re able to grab your $PIECE.

When you’re transacting and entering platforms in DeFi, the norm is to “connect your wallet” to official websites, including Uniswap which is what we will use here.

  1. Within MetaMask, click the 3 lines on the top left and press “Browser”. This is called the wallet dApp or wallet browser. When transacting, you will always need to use the wallet browser to connect your wallet to a website.

2. The official $PIECE purchase link is below. Copy it, and paste it into the wallet browser:


3. Your MetaMask wallet should automatically connect. But if it doesn’t: click “connect” at the top right, then click the “MetaMask” button to connect your wallet.

4. Now, you can type in the amount of ETH that you will be purchasing $PIECE with. For example .1 ETH and the $PIECE amount will auto populate.

5. Press the gear button on the top right, and configure the slippage to 8%

6. Click “Swap”

7. Click “Confirm Swap”

8. Now you will be redirected to your MetaMask wallet. This is where you will confirm all transactions that happen through your wallet. This is also where you can see the network fees. Network fees can be expensive sometimes, it all depends on network congestion.

9. In the Gas section, you will want to press “Edit” on the top right, and press “High” for the gas setting. This is to minimize any stuck pending or failed transactions, which can be very annoying at times.

  1. On the homepage, scroll to the bottom and click “Import Tokens”

2. Click the “Custom Token” tab

3. Copy and Paste the official contract address below


 4. The rest of the fields will autofill, click “Import”.

****You have just grabbed your first $PIECE Congratulations!!!****

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